The Succubus Called

5790084728_520839ed23_bLest ye lead to believe that I am without reproach, I fully disclose that I’ve made my fair share of poor life choices out of an amalgam of ignorance, arrogance and apathy. More importantly, I have forgiven myself for them. Well, mostly.  Periodically, I find myself back in the graveyard digging up bones and have to stop it, throw down the shovel and forgive myself all over again.

As my kids jokingly say, I have a bad daddy picker.

About a year after the succubus was gone for good, a text message notification sounded  on my phone. The message read, ‘I miss your are beautiful smile’.   Bleck! I had just gotten a new phone so the previously blocked numbers head been lost.  The past came back  to bite me. I quickly deleted the message and blocked the number, again.  

The balls on him!  Hard to believe that after one year he was still out there trying. There had probably been dozens of messages throughout the year that I didn’t know about because of the block.  Who could blame him? He undoubtedly was missing his old life aboard the gravy train.

I really don’t like writing about some of these unpleasantries.  It makes me worry that I’ll end up back in the graveyard again, rehashing the same old crap. 

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