Maybe The Mirror is Broken, Gold Digger


I’ve noticed that if you date someone and there is an age difference it makes people uncomfortable. In turn, that makes me uncomfortable simply because I don’t like to make people uncomfortable.  I’ve noticed that people will bark out things impulsively or nervously … “you know he’s older than you” just happened to me.  My response after that one was, with a dead-pan, serious face, “WHAT!? For real? He’s older than me?”. Inside I am thinking smartassedly …I guess my mirror is broken and I hadn’t noticed how much younger that I was than my current love interest. 

What I did notice is that he’s kind, responsible, has manners, enjoys fine dining, will try anything at least once, opens doors, doesn’t drink, dresses nicely, pays his bills, volunteers civically, smiles a lot, loves and respects many people, is respected by many people and so on and so forth.  He’s also hilarious and all I do is laugh all the time. The list of the up side to dating someone because of their good character points outweighs their age, their color, their whatever – just fill in the blank of how other people judge who should or shouldn’t date whom.

Last week someone said to me in casual conversation, “So, I heard you’re a gold digger”. I don’t think I could have been more shocked and disturbed by another human.  Honestly, I consider myself a unicorn. I make my own money, pay my own bills, own my own house, don’t need to be married, I’m not looking to find a man to have a baby, I’m not looking for marriage. I’m a unicorn.  The fact that I am not dating someone my age doesn’t make me a gold digger, it makes me smart enough to not settle for someone with lesser quality personality traits.   Gold digger.  Pfft.

Truth be told, despite a few judgey people saying stupid crap about age related dating issues this has actually been one of the best times of my life and I’m glad I didn’t let a little thing like an age difference get in the way of a great life experience.

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