Facebook is a disastrous, joy filled, amalgam of people’s ultra-transparent blatherings.  It’s the world’s best reality show!

Early in the morning is my favorite time to watch ‘reality’. I wake up, scroll through the news feed and see what people are doing, what they ate, how drunk they got the night before, how their kids are, whatever.  As a non-drinker I can tell what gets posted at wine-o’clock without looking at the time stamp.

This morning a young man who was also a real estate agent in town shared that he had seen the third Ferrari on the same day.  It was a sign!  He hashtagged the post #goals. He’s a mere 12 years younger than me and I can tell you without equivocation that those 12 years, especially when you’re staring down the barrel of kidney failure, offer an organization of your life with a totally different goal-set … which involves being debt-free with passive income and a little money in the bank for a rainy day. 

Besides, I’d look ridiculous driving a Ferrari to dialysis, wouldn’t I?

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